20th century novelty silver wheelbarrows. Some to push salt around the dinner table, some just fun to look at if you don’t want to eat your peas.

Novelty wheelbarrow with elaborate scroll pierced sides, the wheel with arched spokes. 1981. English. Silver. Made in London by Asprey and Company. Image  © Bonhams 2001-2020. Fair use license. via https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/26041/lot/300/?category=list&length=12&page=1
Novelty silver wheelbarrow and cover. 1924. Silver. Maker’s marks: Import mark for Sheffield 1924. Image © 1986-2020 Invaluable, LLC and Eastbourne Auctions Rooms. Fair use license. via https://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/novelty-silver-wheelbarrow-box-and-cover-import-1237-c-ac7a53140b
 Novelty silver table salts formed as garden wheelbarrows with silver plated spoons formed as trowels. 1998. Maker’s marks: Wheelbarrows hallmarked London 1998, CCP, maker. Image © Auction Zip 2003 – 2020, Fair use license. via https://www.auctionzip.com/auction-lot/A-pair-of-novelty-silver-table-salts-formed-as-ga_1124911A14/

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