Sculptures of dogs in terracotta and marble. Mostly greyhounds. Victorian. Joseph Gott, sculptor. Living from 1786 to 1860, he was English but mostly worked in Rome. A member of the Royal Academy Schools, his work was very popular in the 1830s.

Greyhound with puppies. ca. 1825-27. Sculpted in Rome, Italy. Carved white marble on a variegated marble base. Joseph Gott, English sculptor (1786-1860). Image © 2022 and collections of the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham. Fair use license. via
Model of a dog, a dog sitting on hindlegs, atop a green polished stone plinth.. Undated, by 1860. English. Terracotta. Joseph Gott, sculptor (1786-1860). Collections of Hospitalfield, Arbroath. Cc0 License. via–referrer:global-search/page/2/view_as/grid

Greyhound suckling her two pups. 1825-1930. Sculpted in Rome, Italy. Terracotta group on a later black marble plinth. Joseph Gott, English sculptor (1786-1860). Signed J GOTT. FT. Image © CHRISTIE’S 2022. Fair use license. via

A greyhound with her two puppies suckling. 1825. English. Marble. Joseph Gott, sculptor (1786-1860). Displayed in the Sculpture Gallery, Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, England. Image source: Daderot. Artwork itself in the public domain because the artist died over 100 years ago. via,by_Joseph_Gott,_1825,_marbleSculpture_Gallery,_Chatsworth_HouseDerbyshire,_England-_DSC03497.jpg

Art Déco Garniture de cheminée to put on the mantlepiece in the drawing room. Best kind of wedding present if they are malachite. Nice even if it’s not.

Garniture de cheminée. 1930. Egyptian Revival. Art Déco. Onyx, bleu turquin marble, and gilt bronze. Maker not known. Image © DANTAN and Fair use license. via

Garniture de cheminée with a clock and a nymph pouring an onyx vase. Art Déco. French. Metal with a green and gold patina, inlaid onyx and Portor marble. Makers marks: Marked “Guerbe LeVerrier” on the base. Image © Fair use license. via

Garniture de cheminée with a clock and gazelle. ca. 1930. Art Déco. Black marble, green onyx and patinated copper. Maker not known. Image © Millon & Associés. Fair use license. via

Garniture de cheminée. Art Déco. Bronze. Limousin, maker. Image © Ruyten Fine Art and Fair use license. via