Antique champagne coolers to use at your next party. You can never have enough. Silver and from France. Where else. One is much later and in aluminum but I can’t resist putting it in.

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Multiple bottle champagne cooler with swan handles with wing detail on the body of the cooler. Engraved “Champagne Taittinger” on both sides. No exact date. Silver plate, discovered in Paris. Maker not known. Image © 2017 LAURIER BLANC. Fair use license. via
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Magnum champagne cooler old and distinguished golf club in the South of France and was designed to resemble half a golf ball. 1950. French. Silver plate. Maker not known. Image © 1stdibs, Inc. 2020. Fair use license. via
Champagne or wine cooler for two bottles with an ice container in the middle that was taken from a restaurant. Mid 20th c. French. Maker not known. Image Catawiki © 2020. Fair use license. via
Rabbit motif ice bucket or wine cooler with gold tone paws and eyes. 20th c. Aluminum. Arthur Court, maker. Image © 2020 Showplace Antiques. Fair use license. via