Baroque portraits of 17th century ladies, some with children too. English. John Michael Wright, painter. Living from 1617 to 1694, Wright trained in Edinburgh under the Scots painter George Jamesone.

Portrait of Jane Monins (c.1640-99), three-quarter length, in a blue and gold dress. 17th c. English. Oil on canvas. Image © 2020 Sothebys. Fair use license. via
Portrait of Mrs. Salesbury with her grandchildren Edward and Elizabeth Bagot. 1675-1676. English. John Michael Wright. Collections of the Tate Galleries. Cco License. via
Portrait of Mary Villiers, Duchess of Lennox and Richmond (1622-1685), half-length, in a blue dress, her left hand resting on an Ouroboros, with her children, Esmé (1649-1660) and Mary (1651-1668). Image © Christie’s 2021. Fair use license. via