Images of a fantasy past from a little bit back. English. Joseph Edward Southall, artist. Living from 1861 to 1944, he is associated with the Arts and Crafts movement.

“Belgium Supported by Hope.” 1918. English. Tempera on canvas. Inscribed “EJS 1918” on the bottom right, and “COLOUR BEGUN VIII 1918” on the canvas turnover and “Marian E. Longford/Christmas 1918/HGL With Love” on the reverse. Collections of the Tate Galleries, London. Cc0 License 3.0. via
“Cinderella.” 1893-1895. Watercolor on paper laid on card. Inscribed “JES 1893-1895” on the bottom left. Collections of the Tate Galleries. Cco License 3.0. via
“Changing the Letter.” 1908-1909. English. Tempera on canvas. Collections of the Birmingham Museums Trust. Cc0 License 0. via