Off to visit the sea with Danish artist Laurits Tuxen. Living from 1853 to 1927, he also painted huge pictures of tsars and queens but I like these best.

"Seaside life on Skagen beach in the midday Sun." 1909.
“Seaside life on Skagen beach in the midday Sun.” 1909. Image © 2000-2019 askART. Fair use license. via
"Spaziergänger am Strand von Skagen." 1922.
“Spaziergänger am Strand von Skagen.” 1922. In the public domain in the United States because it was published before January 1, 1924. via
"Swimming and bathing at Skagen Sønderstrand."
“Swimming and bathing at Skagen Sønderstrand.” 1920. Image © 2019 MutualArt Services, Inc. Fair use license. via
"Evening light, Skagen." Early 20th c.
“Evening light, Skagen.” Early 20th c. ©2018 Artnet Worldwide Corporation. Fair use license. via