Sealing wax cases or etui so pretty you will be glad you have to write another thank you note. French. Various goldworkers, all amazingly talented. Most of these by Nicolas Durier who flourished between 1758 and 1788.

Gold sealing wax case or etui, decorated with garlands of flowers and filleted flutes. 1780-1782. Made in Paris. Nicolas Durier, maker (fl. 1758-1788). Image © 2020 Sothebys. Fair use license. via
Two etui or sealing wax cases. The first in gold and enamel, striped in opaque and translucent orange, white and blue with chased and enameled bead and garland borders and a base inset with blank matrix. 1787. Alexis Profitt. Maker’s marks: charge and discharge marks of Henri Clavel, Paris. 1787. The second in three color gold, scattered with mullets on a reeded ground within corded borders and later converted into a lipstick holder. 18th c before 1788. Made in Paris. Maker’s marks: original maker’s mark of Nicolas Durier (fl. 1758-1788). Charge and discharge marks of Henri Clavel, later French maker’s mark and control marks. Serial number: 01133. French. Image Image © 2020 Sothebys. Fair use license. via

Gold and enamel sealing wax case or etui. Slightly tapering  étui-à-cire of oval section and a cover and base enameled with a design of black-edged red stars on a salmon-beige translucent ground over horizontal reeding and framed by fluted bands. Cap being similarly enameled and topped by a chased and enameled green and white foliage rosette, the borders banded in the same color on a sablé ground with a blank matrix. 1781-1782. Made in Paris, Fran e. Maker’s marks: Marked for Nicolas Durier (fl. 1758-1788). First charge and discharge marks of Henri Clavel for 1780-1782. Later struck with two Parisian post-1838 restricted warranty marks for gold. Image © CHRISTIE’S 2020. Fair use license. via
Gold and enamel needle case/etui, enameled in translucent blue and decorated with paillon fleurs-de-lis, bound by enameled leafy borders. ca. 1786. Louis XVI. Nicolas Durier, maker. Maker’s marks: Charge and export discharge marks for Henri Clavel. Image source: Sothebys. Image © 2020 Sothebys and 1986-2020 Invaluable, LLC. Fair use license. via,-nicolas-276-c-182d45a41c