Theatrical paintings. Samuel de Wilde, English artist (1751-1832). Did a lot of portraits of people who weren’t all acting. Exhibited at the Society of Artists and the Royal Academy.

“Samuel Thomas Russell in Samuel Foote’s “The Mayor of Garratt.” 1810-1811. Oil on canvas. Collections of the Yale Center for British Art, New Haven. Cc0 License 1.0. via,_by_Samuel_de_Wilde_(1748-1832).jpg
de Wilde, Samuel, 1748-1832; Charles Farley as Francisco in 'A Tale of Mystery' by Thomas Holcroft
“Charles Farley as Francisco in ‘A Tale of Mystery’ by Thomas Holcroft.” 1802. Oil on canvas. Photo credit and © Theatre Royal, Bath. Fair use license. via
“Charlotte Goodall Dressed as Sir Harry Wildair in “The Constant Couple; or A Trip to the Jubilee.” ca. 1792. Source: In the public domain in the United States because the artist died over 70 years ago. via