Royal Worcester spill vases.

Porcelain triple bamboo spill vase with a tall cylindrical vase flanked by two smaller vases and a central owl. Parcel gilt detail. ca. 1880. English. Made by Royal Worcester and retailed by J. E. Caldwell and Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Maker’s marks to the underside. Image © 2021 Sothebys. Fair use license. via
Porcelain Aesthetic basket weave amphora spill vase. 1889. English. Royal Worcester. Maker’s marks on the base. Image ©, Inc. 2021. Fair use license. via
Tree stump spill vase in porcelain. 1912. English. Royal Worcester, maker. Marked on the underside in puce with date mark for 1912. Image Treasure Trove Worcester © 2021. Fair use license. via
Porcelain cylindrical spill vase decorated with hand painted fruit on a pierced scrolling foot. English. Signed “Bowen” with a black back stamp. Royal Worcester, maker. Image  © 2020 Sworders. Fair use license. via

Antique spill vases. Spills were twists of paper that you would use to light your pipe or melt sealing wax back before there were matches. Every home needed two or three. Different materials and designs.

Staffordshire spill vase in the motif of two children sleeping with a bird watching over them with tufts of hand modeled foliage in the various branches. mid 19th c. British. Ceramic. Handpainted with gilt around the base. Image © Rogues’ Hollow Antiques, 2019. Fair use license. via

Pair of spill vases. 1901. Edwardian. English. Sterling silver with weighted bases. Makers marks: matching hallmarks for Birmingham 1901 with the silversmiths marks for John S. Pullinger & W. J .Myatt & Company. Image ©2020 Fair use license. via

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Pair of spill vases. 1900. Jugendstil/Art Nouveau. German. Pewter. Orivit, maker. Makers marks: stamped “ORIVIT” on the base with “2165”. Image © 1996-2020,, Inc. Fair use license. via

Pair of Staffordshire mare and foal spill vases. ca. 1850. Ceramic. Image © 2020 Chairish, Inc. and Apropos Antiques, Henrico Virginia. Fair use license. via