Cups for that perfect toast. Tazzae made by François-Désiré Froment-Meurice. A French goldsmith, he lived from 1802 to 1855. Studying at the Lycée Charlemagne, he won two silver medals at the 1839 Exposition des Produits de l’Industrie in 1839 and a gold medal five years later. One being a coupe but it fits right in.

Tazza. Presumed to have been given to Queen Victoria in 1855. French. Rock crystal. Jules Wièse, designer for Froment-Meurice. Maker’s marks: Struck with the mark of Jules Wièse. Stamped “FROMENT MEURICE PARIS.” Image © Royal Collection Trust. Fair use license. via
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Two silver gilt mounted agate tazza that rest on oval bases with four foliated feet set with red stones. One adorned with a man and the other with a woman surrounded by ivy enameled garlands along with other decoration. ca, 1840-1845. French. Silver-gilt, enamel, conch beads, pearls, orange carnelian and brown agate. Image © 2020 Sotheby’s. Fair use license. via
Coupe with the trunk in the motif of a boy who kills a dragon with a trident and a star-shaped foot, decorated with Neo-Gothic tracery. The shell shaped cuppa being held within the upper part which has high curling ears crowned by dragons. ca. 1849. French. Silver gilt and pearl. Cuppa inscription “A MR MEL POISAT, SOUVENIR DE SON AMI LE BON JAMES DE ROTHSCHILD, À L’OCCASION DU VINGT-CINQUIEME ANNIVERSAIRE DE SON MARIAGE.-LE 27 NOVEMBRE 1851.” Jules Wièse, designer for Froment-Meurice. Maker’s marks: Alloy mark and inscribed “FROMENT-MEURICE”. Collections of the Rjksmuseum, Amsterdam. Cc0 Licence 1,9. via