An envisioning. . . 1895, Bar Harbor and auntie’s house in fall with the fog setting in.

Oh to be here..

Maine and a visit with the boy cousins. August into September and then October but no matter. A governess and not having to take the train back to Richmond for school.

School last year and the year before but Mama with a rich new husband. Governesses now and boarding school later.

Flower petals strewn at the chapel in West Virginia in July where everyone summers. Bathing suits bought and Cape May for a week.

Maine. Mama off on her wedding trip. Warmer in Virginia but having to wait until they come.

The weather a bore but the ghost stories around the big fireplace downstairs. Cider, doughnuts, and apples. Wind whistling around and hikes through the mist.

Another month and maybe. Auntie wanting to get home before the snow starts, whenever that is up near Canada.

But Uncle having to come first. Somewhere with J. P. Morgan about his bank. Hard to remember. At the house party at the beginning of August. Who everyone had wanted to meet. Tall with dark curly hair like the little cousin in Maryland. Everyone lined up to be introduced like a receiving line at one of Mama’s New Year receptions.

But fun. A spot for a child on each side and a horehound candy dropping into one’s hand from his pockets with each person met.  .  . . enough candy money for all the world someone said . . . . .what else is money for . . .

Photograph of three girls. 1890's.
Photograph of three girls, the younger two in sailor dresses. 1890’s. via Photograph in the public domain.

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