Paintings of the great outdoors by American artist George Benjamin Luks (1867-1933). Ashcan school.

"Holiday on the Hudson." ca. 1912.
“Holiday on the Hudson.” ca. 1912. Oil on canvas. Collection of the Cleveland Museum of Art. via,_c._1912.JPG
"The Swan Boats." ca. 1922.
“The Swan Boats.” ca. 1922. Oil on canvas. Sothebys. via
"Verdun, France." ca. 1915.
“Verdun, France.” ca. 1915. Watercolor on paper. The Phillips Collection. via,_France_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg.

These images are all in the public domain, “The Swan Boats” being in the public domain in the United States because its creator died before 1948.

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