Fairies that leap off the shelf and into your dreams. . .selected covers from Andrew Lang’s “colored” fairy tale books from the turn of the last century. Henry Justice Ford, illustrator (1860-1941).

Green Fairy Book. Published in 1892.
Green Fairy Book. Published in 1892. via pinterest.com.
Crimson Fairy Book. 1903.
Crimson Fairy Book. 1903. Image via http://ginandbird.tumblr.com/post/42896728024/cookedheads-via-beautiful-bindings
Violet Fairy Book. 1901.
Violet Fairy Book. 1901. via https://twitter.com/iulillylibrary/status/1006226910190493696.

All images in the public domain. . .. there are quite a few more for you to find via google but the resolution wasn’t high enough to use here. Enjoy!

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