Royalty in a time of living large, before Instagram and all that . . . Pierre Tetar van Elven, Dutch artist (1828-1908). Mostly painted other things . . .I have a sneaking suspicion that like John Singer Sargent and Laurits Tuxen these were done to cover the rent and the wine with the others done for joy . . .

"The baptism of King Carlos I of Portugal." 1863.
“The baptism of King Carlos I of Portugal.” 1863. Oil on canvas.
"Fête de nuit aux Tuileries, le 10 juin 1867." 1867.
“Fête de nuit aux Tuileries, le 10 juin 1867.” 1867. Depiction of an evening party during the Exposition Universelle which happened in Paris that year. Oil on canvas.

Both paintings in the public domain because the painter has been dead for 90 years. They can be found in a variety of places on the internet but I found them here where you can also find details the various works with another one included. Enjoy!

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