Tableware bedazzled enough to make the veritable beams of the noon day sun bounce. Pierre Philippe Thomire of Paris, naker (1751–1843). Gilder to Marie Antoinette and Napoleon.

Three light sconce. 1788.
Three light sconce. 1788. Cast by Étienne-Jean or Pierre-Auguste Forestier. Gilt bronze. Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. via
Centerpiece. ca. 1810-1820.
Centerpiece. ca. 1810-1820. Gilt bronze. Image © the Victoria and Albert Museum. via
Pair of candelabra in the Empire style. ca. 1830.
Pair of candelabra in the Empire style. ca. 1830. Gilt bronze, gold plating and malachite. Image © via
Table centerpiece. ca. 1806.
Table centerpiece. Given by Napoleon as a wedding gift to his stepson in 1806. Cast and gilt bronze with hand engraving, cut glass and a silvered mirror. Collection of the Cooper Hewitt Museum. Fair use licence. via

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