Dazzled up gold elephants all tricked out in jewels. Gustav Manz, gold worker. Living from 1865 to 1946, he traveled from Germany to New York City, visiting the animals he loved so often that all the caretakers at the Bronx zoo knew him by name. No doubt bringing treats, I’m sure the elephants did too.

Dress clip. 1938.
Dress clip. 1938. Attributed to Manz, c. 1938. Gold, jade, ruby, and sapphire. Private collection. Butler photograph. Fair use license. via http://www.themagazineantiques.com/article/the-life-and-jewelry-of-gustav-manz/
Elephant ring. ca. 1920. Presumed to be by Gustav Manz.
Elephant ring. ca. 1920. Presumed to have been designed by Gustav Manz. Gold, carved emerald and precious stones. Cartier. Image © Skinner Auctions. Fair use license. via https://www.skinnerinc.com/auctions/2610B/lots/637.

The premier maker and designer of animal jewelry from 1903 onward, Gustav Manz did work for many well known jewelry firms in New York,  including Tiffany, Cartier, Dreicer, Marcus & Co and Black Starr & Frost. He also worked for Shreve Crump and Low in Boston. Please see this link for a further discussion about the attribution of the elephant ring and to learn a bit more. Thanks! https://eragem.com/news/did-gustav-manz-design-this-18k-gold-cartier-elephant-ring-which-sold-for-13200-at-recent-skinner-auction/

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