An envisioning . . 1960, Massachusetts and an apartment by the river . . .


Oh to be here.

Harvard Square, Cambridge, and a living room with big windows the better to watch the students scull like a streak of lightning around the bend and back again.

Grandchildren and children and the same maid grown very very old. Still younger and that a blessing. Great auntie having been right about that. Better to have someone older around as long as you can so you can feel young.

Swarthmore a long time ago with its dreams of becoming not sure what. A fellow from Haverford to marry and what came after instead. Big house on the Main Line and another out on Block Island to summer in.

One on Block Island still there but no. No way to live there all the time. The wind whistling a bit too much and at an age when needing help is something never far away but no one closer than a few hours and a ferry ride away. Cambridge, its memories of cousin visiting and races run instead.

So long ago. Sometimes forever and other times only yesterday. Sports when almost no one did them. Boarding school and then college. Nearly every team tried out for and a spot on half of them. Every afternoon nearly in a middy and gym boots and a hope of more. But a memory forever. Captain of the baseball team and that no one can take away . . .a blessing . . .so much gone but memories you get to keep.

1913 New York Female Giants team.
1913 New York Female Giants team. Courtesy Bain News Service/Library of Congress In the public domain due to age. via

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