Liquor advertising more cheerful than most by Italian poster designer Leonetto Cappiello, who mostly worked in Paris and lived from 1875 to 1942.

"Maurin Quina." Undated.
“Maurin Quina.” Undated. Cc0 licence 3.0. via
"Isolabella." Undated.
“Isolabella.” Undated. In the public domain in the United States because the artist has been dead over 70 years. via
"Cognac Pellisson." Undated.
“Cognac Pellisson.” Undated. Image © 2002-2019 Live Auctioneers. Fair use license. via


“Contratto.” 1922. Les Nouvelles Affiches Cappiello, Torino. Leonetto Cappiello, graphic designer. ” Image © 2002-2019 Swann Auction Galleries. Fair use license. via–1875-1942—CONTRATTO-1922-54×37–inches?saleno=2577&lotNo=182&refNo=781663

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