An envisioning . . . 1936 and New York’s Finger Lakes in spring.

Oh to be here.

College dorm in late spring and finals soon to begin. But a sunny day and those there are never too many of. No, better a Saturday spent with the girls down the hall having a picnic with frozen fingers from retrieving the beer on its string under the water. Only the gym teacher who likes to hike around the edge to get mad and him off to some conference for the weekend.

Hot dogs roasted on sticks in the fireplace at the edge of campus, and a few pickles swiped from the dining hall. Ground still muddy in places but what boots are for. But dry patches to spread out blankets and all the books back on the desks.

Wildflowers to wander around and look for but no hoop rolling required. Not like those more famous women’s’ colleges where you have to put flowers in your hair and do things that would make anyone’s boyfriend cringe if he could see.

Life later and men and children to tend but all right for now. . . just oneself to look after. . .friends for the day and friends forever all one’s life long. . .

Students at Georgia State Women's College (Valdosta State University) having a picnic in 1938.
Students at Georgia State Women’s College (Valdosta State University) having a picnic. 1938 yearbook picture. Image © Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections. Fair use license. via



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