Pictures of rooms filled with sunlight by Swiss painter Marius Borgeaud (1861-1924). Post-Impressionist.

"La chambre blanche" (detail). 1924.
“La chambre blanche” (detail). 1924. Private collection. Photograph © Jacques D. Rouiller. Fair use license. via
"La repriseuse de bas." 1920.
“La repriseuse de bas.” 1920. Image © Fair use license. via
" Intérieur Parisien." 1920.
” Intérieur Parisien.” 1920. Private collection. Image © 2019 MCH Group. via
"Intérieur aux deux verres." Undated.
“Intérieur aux deux verres.” Undated. Image © 2019 MCH Group. Fair use license. via

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