An envisioning . . . Saint Tropez in 1960 with the sun transiting the noon sky.

Oh to be here.

The French Riviera and spring a long way away. New bathing suit a bit too low cut but all right for this beach. Something to leave behind in the spring. Likely to have someone call the police over it in the Hamptons and that one doesn’t need.

The sun warm and the wine in its bottle almost hot. A pity. Cook using all the ice up on last night’s gin and tonics and shrimp cocktail. Nothing left to chill anything in the morning. But someone coming down with one of those sarong things and then the restaurant on the bluff for lunch.

A bit more time to drowse away and time drifting away. Funny. Even the seagulls’ whoop changing. The rooks up in the tall pines around the school and their caw instead. Strange. Mother thinking a four-year-old would want to be in a boarding school with all those nuns in their habits with so many layers of cloth that their hugs hardly registered at all.

But part of it fun. Halloween with everyone in the same colored costume with the ears. Like the Martians in the funnies in the paper. The same sick green. No ray guns but someone’s big sister to take everyone around. Bags and bags of candy and horses that spooked.

Best Halloween for decades . . . New Jersey once little brother came and no candy there . . . no coal either but no fun . . .

Vintage photograph of children in costumes. 1920's.
Vintage photograph of children in costumes. 1920’s. via

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