More botanical artwork, these of an Australian kind. Done by Austrian artist Ferdinand Bauer who accompanied Matthew Flinders on his 1801 expedition to the Antipodes.

Red silky oak (Grevillia banksia). Early 19th c.
Red silky oak (Grevillia banksia). Early 19th c. Image collections of the State Library of New South Wales. In the public domain. via
"Eremophila glabra (R.Br), Ostenf, Myoporaceae." #113.
“Eremophila glabra (R.Br), Ostenf, Myoporaceae.” #113. From the 1993 “Catalogue of the holdings in The Natural History Museum (London) of the Australian botanical drawings of Ferdinand Bauer (1760-1826) and cognate materials relating to the Investigator voyage of 1801-1805”, an article written by D. J. Mabberly and D. T. Moore and published in the bulletin of the Natural History Museum. Contributed by the Natural History Museum Library, London. In the public domain. via
"Doryanthes excelsa." 1806-1813. Plate 13.
“Doryanthes excelsa.” 1806-1813. Plate 13. From “Illustrationes florae Novae Hollandiae.” Stipple engraving with watercolor. Alecto Historical Editions in association with the London Natural History Museum, re-published 1989. Collection of Port Augusta Public Library – Flinders Voyage Collection. Image in the public domain. via

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