Spring series public (free) post for Sunday, June 30th, 2019. More beautiful plates from Albert Racinet’s “L’Ornement Polychrome” (1869-1873). Last one for this series with another series starting next Sunday. Link below


Link for this week’s issue of my public (free) spring series over on mypatreon.com page. A new series starting next week. Should you be interested in supporting my work and can, please look at the mission statement and at what’s available at the various subscription levels which start at only $5.00/month in US dollars (though they accept all sorts of currency, patreon having patrons and creators from all over the world). Thanks! Sarah.

But everything else (except for the books) being free.

And several images, not just the one shown here. Enjoy!

"Celtique." Plate 17.
“Celtique.” Plate 17. Painlevé , lithographer. Firmin Didot and Company, Paris, printer. Scanned by rawpixel from an 1888 edition. Cc0 License 4.0. via https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Illustration_from_L%E2%80%99ornement_Polychrome_by_Albert_Racinet_from_rawpixel%E2%80%99s_own_original_1888_publication_00017.jpg

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