Art in the Late Gothic tradition. Italian, Paolo Uccello, artist (1397-1475). Wonderful colors.

"Saint George and the Dragon." ca. 1470.
“Saint George and the Dragon.” ca. 1470. Oil on canvas. Collection of the National Gallery, London. In the public domain in the United States because the artist has been dead over 70 years. via
"Marys Presentation in the Temple." 1435.
“Marys Presentation in the Temple.” 1435. Fresco. Image © 2019 ArtPaintingArtist. Fair use license. via
Marble inlay which features a small stellated dodecahedron
Marble inlay which features a small stellated dodecahedron, located in the floor of the Basilica of Saint Mark in Venice. Attributed to Uccello who was a mathematician as well as an artist. Image © 1998, George W. Hart. Fair use license. via

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