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Six images, not just the one and lots of fun. Other things in the subscription only series going on, too. Check it all out if you’d like. Sarah

Demilune console. Early 19th c.
Demilune console. Early 19th c. Austrian. Neoclassical in style with giltwood and faux porphyry. Central supports in the motif of three giltwood eagles with claw and ball feet and impressive plumage. Wall-mounted with a faux porphyry mottled base. Maker not known. Image © 1stdibs, Inc. 2019. Fair use license. via–G2dy0IAsybz4JQLRU-aWLBLkbiC7LMj_SZ0YaAsv1EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

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