Art that shimmers like the moon on the water. French. Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer, artist. Living from 1865 to 1953, he worked in the Symbolist and Art Nouveau traditions.

"The Roses of Ispahan." ca. 1910.
“The Roses of Ispahan.” ca. 1910. Oil on canvas. © Heirs of the artist. Courtesy Trinity House Paintings. Image © 2018 Artsy. Fair use license. via
"Le Bassin d'Apollon, Versailles." 1924.
“Le Bassin d’Apollon, Versailles.” 1924. Oil on canvas. Signed and dated signed and dated ‘L Lévy-Dhurmer/1924.” © Heirs of the artist. Image © CHRISTIE’S 2019. Fair use license. via
"Calanques (Six heures du soir)." ca. 1930-36.
“Calanques (Six heures du soir).” ca. 1935. Oil on canvas. Inscribed and dated 1935. Image © Musée d’Orsay 2006-2019. Fair use license. via

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