Landscapes of an old Britain that even Queen Victoria never saw. English. Michael Angelo Rooker, artist. Living from 1746 to 1801, he painted pictures when he wasn’t busy painting scenes at the Haymarket Theatre in London.

"A Church and Graveyard." No date.
“A Church and Graveyard.” No date. Watercolor over pencil. Image © 2019 Mutual Art Services, Inc. Fair use license. via
"The cast Iron Bridge at Coalbrookdale." ca. 1781-1801.
“The Cast Iron Bridge at Coalbrookdale.” ca. 1781-1801. Image © 2006-2019 Artwork itself in the public domain due to age. Fair use license. via
"Harewood Castle." No date.
“Harewood Castle.” No date. Oil on canvas. Image © 2019 Harewood House. Fair use license. via
"Llangollen with Dinas Bran Castle,, Dyfed." 18th c.
“Llangollen with Dinas Bran Castle,, Dyfed.” 18th c. Watercolor over graphite on paper. Image © The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, UK. Fair use license. via
"View of Caerphilly Castle, South Wales." 1796.
“View of Caerphilly Castle, South Wales.” 1796. Watercolor over pencil. Signed “MRooker 1796” on the lower right. Image © 2007 GUY PEPPIATT FINE ART. Fair use license. via

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