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Five images, not just one. Some 19th century, several from the 1920’s and one new. Began as just 19th century but now covering trending since. Egyptian Revival having I think the most.

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Brooch. ca. 1900. Egyptian Revival in style.
Brooch. ca. 1900. Egyptian Revival in style. American. Gold, with a design composed of a kneeling figure clad in Egyptian headdress, arm bands, and loincloth playing a falcon-headed harp set with an oval amethyst carved as a scarab. The figure and harp rest on a plinth supported by two coiled snakes. Green, blue, and red enamel accent the harp, figure, and snakes, with a demantoid garnet for the falcon’s eye. Theodore B. Starr, designer. Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. In the public domain. via

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