Bridges in Paris. Put enough of these up and you can imagine you are living in a houseboat instead of a house. Various artists. All French.

"Pont à Paris." 19th c.
“Pont à Paris.” 19th c. Oil on canvas. French. Signed on the left. Alfred Alexandre Delauney, artist (1830-1894). Image ©Conan Hôtel d’Ainay Auctions, Lyon and Fair use license. via
"Pont Neuf, Paris." 1872.
“Pont Neuf, Paris.” 1872. Oil on canvas. French. Auguste Renoir, artist (1814-1919). Image © National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC. Fair use license. via
"The Pont des Arts, Paris." 1867-68.
“The Pont des Arts, Paris.” 1867-68. French. Oil on canvas. Auguste Renoir, artist (1841-1919). Image © The Norton Simon Foundation. Fair use license. via
"A View of Paris from the Pont Neuf." 1763.
“A View of Paris from the Pont Neuf.” 1763. French. Oil on canvas. Jean-Baptiste Raguenet, artist (1715-1793). Collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum. Cc0 License 4.0. via

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