Public (free) post for Sunday, September 29, 2019. More Gothic Revival. Coming in towards the middle of the 18th century but never really gone. Especially popular for mausoleums and college campuses. Link below-

Including a mausoleum image. And several images, not just the two (including the mausoleum).

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"Eighth Frontispiece. Gothic design concept.
“Eighth Frontispiece. Gothic design concept. Batty and Thomas Langley, inventors and sculptors, 1741.” Plate XXIV, page 63 from “Ancient Architecture, restored and improved by a great variety of grand and usefull designs, entirely new, in the Gothick Mode, for the ornamenting of buildings and gardens,” written by the Langleys and published in London in 1742. Collection of and scanned by the Getty Research Institute. Public domain due to age. via





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