Paintings of women and their friends. Pre-Raphaelite fusion and something of which I am not sure. English. Sidney Harold Meteyard, artist. Living from 1868 to 1947, he also designed stained glass. Member of the Birmingham Group.

"Hope Comforting Love in Bondage." 1901
“Hope Comforting Love in Bondage.” 1901. Collection of the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. In the public domain due to age. via
"Tristram and Yseult." No exact date.
“Tristram and Yseult.” No exact date. Watercolor with bodycolor and tempera. Image © 2019 Sotheby’s. Fair use license. via
"Lucifer flying over the city," an illustration for Longfellow's "The Golden Legend."
“Lucifer flying over the city,” an illustration for Longfellow’s “The Golden Legend.” ca. 1910. Watercolor. Auctioned by Bonhams in March of 2017. Image © Bonhams. Fair use license. via and

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