Women getting out and about in an Italy that’s only a little while back. Angelo Morbelli, painter. Living from 1853 to 1919 he painted in the Divisionist style.

"Battello sul Lago Maggiore." 1915. Oil on canvas.
“Battello sul Lago Maggiore.” 1915. Oil on canvas. Collection of the Gallerie di Piazza Scala, Milan. Artgate Fondazione Cariplo. Cc0 License 3.0. via https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Artgate_Fondazione_Cariplo_-_Morbelli_Angelo,_Battello_sul_Lago_Maggiore.jpg
"In the Rice Fields." 1901.
“In the Rice Fields.” 1901. Private collection. Exhibited at the Van Gogh Museum. Fair use license. via https://www.vangoghmuseum.nl/en/news-and-press/press-image-bank/images-jean-francois-millet-sowing-the-seeds-of-modern-art/in-the-rice-fields-angelo-morbelli-1901?v=1
"The Old Curious." 1891.
“The Old Curious.” 1891. In the public domain due to age. vi https://pixels.com/featured/2-angelo-morbelli-1853-1919-the-old-curious-1891-angelo-morbelli.html

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