More Neoclassical ladies, all speaking German. Some more into the Symbolist end of things. Max Nonnenbruch, painter. Living from 1857to 1922, his work is mostly known for its Neoclassical and Symbolist themes. From the Munich School.

"Portret jonge vrouw." 1900. Signed lithographic print.
“Portret jonge vrouw.” 1900. Signed lithographic print. Image © 2019 Catawiki. Fair use license. via
"The Archer" (detail).
“The Archer” (detail). No exact date. In the public domain in the United States because it was published before January 1, 1924. via
"Lady At The Swanlake." 1886.
“Lady At The Swanlake.” 1886. Image © 1stdibs, Inc. 2019. Fair use license. via

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