A few little things to brighten up a holiday centerpiece. Well, they could even brighten up Buckingham Palace. Gilded silver from with the 16th century was slipping away and the 17th had yet to begin by Nuremberg master silverworker Caspar Beutmüller the Elder.

Double cup. 1590-1600.
Double cup. 1590-1600. Partially gilded silver with a silver medallion and a gold glass medallion. Inscribed ” “IERONIMVS . LOTER . AETAT[IS] . XXXXVI . 1544” on the silver medallion. Makers marks of “N” (Nuremberg) and the mark of the maker. Image © 2000–2019 The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Fair use license. via
"Satzbecher" (stacking cup).1575-1600. Silver gilt.
“Satzbecher” (stacking cup), cylindrical body with an etched design of hunting party and the sign of Leo in the sky. The lower part with oval bosses and a short stem with a recumbent man and woman in frames. The foot decorated in a motif of scrollwork with three human and lion masks. 1575-1600. Silver gilt. Inscribed. Marked “Casper (24a) or Hans (24b) Beutmüller.” Image and description. © Trustees of the British Museum. Cc0 License 4.0. Fair use license. via http://wb.britishmuseum.org/MCN2335#1612922557
Grotesque bear and coconut cup. 1603-09.
Grotesque bear and coconut cup. 1603-09. Silver gilt and coconut. Caspar Beutmüller the Elder, maker. Photo credit: BURG ELTZ, WIERSCHEM. Part of the current exhibition “Making Marvels: Science & Splendor at the Courts of Europe” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Image 2019 © Art & Antiques Worldwide Media, LLC. Fair use license. via http://www.artandantiquesmag.com/2019/10/making-marvels-exhibition/201911_marvels_04/

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