Paintings of rooms at Versailles with furniture and sculptures but with the people mysteriously absent. French. Maurice Lobre, artist (1862-1951). Intimist style.

Chateau de Versailles, said to be Marie Antoinette's study. 1895.
Chateau de Versailles, said to be Marie Antoinette’s study. 1895. Oil on canvas. © Estate of the artist. Image © 2019 MutualArt Services, Inc. Fair use license. via–said-to-be-marie-antoin/A9F4161D0308E677
"De Salon du Dauphin in Versailles." 1901.
“De Salon du Dauphin in Versailles.” 1901. © Estate of the artist.Image © 2019 MCH Group | Curiator. Fair use license. via
Bibliothèque du dauphin -Lobre- Библиотека дофин
Library of the Dauphin at Versailles. 1903. © Estate of the artist. Collection of the Lviv National Museum, Ukraine. Fair use license. via

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