Paintings of Milton’s water nymph Sabrina, mostly with her suite of lesser nymphs. Various nineteenth century British painters.

Etty, William, 1787-1849; Sabrina and Her Nymphs
“Sabrina and Her Nymphs.” 1841. English. Oil on canvas. William Etty, artist (1787-1849). Image © New Walk Museum & Art Gallery. Photo credit: Leicester Arts and Museums Service. Fair use license. via
"Sabrina." ca. 1821.
“Sabrina.” ca. 1821. British. Oil on canvas. Henry Howard, artist (1769-1847).Image © Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Fair use license. via
"Sabrina." Exhibited in 1880.
“Sabrina.” Exhibited in 1880. English. Watercolor and bodycolor with gum arabic. Samuel Palmer, artist (1805-1881). Image © 2020 Andrew Clayton-Payne, London. Fair use license. via

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