Families out and about and having fun in summer. French. Jules-René Hervé, artist (1887-1981).

"Le Jardin de Tuileries." No date.
“Le Jardin de Tuileries.” No date. Pastel and oil on paper laid on canvas. Signed on the lower left. © Estate of the artist. Image © Findlay Galleries. Fair use license. via https://www.findlaygalleries.com/artists/period/jules-rene-herve/
“Geese.” No date. Oil on panel. Signed on the lower right. © Estate of the artist. Image © Dahesh Museum of Art, New York. Fair use license. via http://www.daheshmuseum.org/portfolio/jules-rene-herve-geese/#.XmjoDqhKjqV
"Banquet de noces." ca. 1930.
“Banquet de noces.” ca. 1930. Oil on canvas. Signed on the lower right. © Estate of the artist. Image © Sebastian Deya Gallery and 2018 Artsy. Fair use license. via https://www.artsy.net/artwork/jules-rene-herve-banquet-de-noces
"The Tuileries, Paris." No date.
“The Tuileries, Paris.” No date. Oil on canvas. Signed “Jules R. Herve” on the lower right. Inscribed as titled and signed “Jules R. Herve” on the reverse. © Estate of the Artist. Image © 2020 William Doyle Galleries, Inc. Fair use license. via https://doyle.com/auctions/18fp01-fine-paintings/catalogue/38-jules-rene-herve

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