Creatures of the sea that sit out in the drawing room looking bored. Looks to have had a major moment during the reign of French emperor Napoléon III judging from the variety found and because they are referred to as Napoleon III era domes. One later but it fits right in.

Starfish under glass with wooden base. In the style of a Napoleon III glass dome. Image © 2020 Fair use license. via
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Various species of crabs under glass with bases in blackened wood.Mid 19th c. Napoleon III glass dome. Crabs, glass and blackened wood. Maker not known. Photo credit: Pierre Bergé & Associés. Image © Pierre Bergé & Associés. Bruxelles. Fair use license. via
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Seven small crabs under glass. Mid 19th c. Mid 19th c. Napoleon III glass dome.Crabs, glass and wood. Maker not known. Image © Millon – Maison de ventes aux enchères and Fair use license. via
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Red coral on a wooden base which may have had a glass bell that got lost. From the time of the reign of Napoleon III (1852-1870). Image © Frédéric Dulyere Antiquités et objets d’art, Roisin and proantic. Fair use license. via

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