Paintings of Rome’s Villa Borghese. Various artists. All lovely. One from the 17th century, the other 2 from the 19th.

“View of the Villa Borghese.” 1636. Signed and dated “Jo Wilhelm Bavr Fecit 1636.” Johann Wilhelm Bauer, artist who was born in Strasbourg, worked in Italy and then moved to Austria. May have been executed for Marcantonio Borghese. Image 2017 © Copyright Galleria Borghese. Fair use license. via
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“Promenade à la Villa Borghese, Rome.” 19th c. Italian. Watercolor on paper. Signed on the lower right. Ippolito Caffi, artist (1809-1866). Image © 2020 Sotheby’s. Fair use license. via
“The Casa del Portinaio in the Villa Borghese.” 1821. Norwegian. Oil on canvas. Inscribed “Villa Borghese JDahl Rom d. 14 Juni 1821.” Johan Christian Dahl, artist (1788-1857). Collections of the KODE Art museums and composer homes. In the public domain in the United States because the artist died over 70 years ago. via

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