Images of Henri Adolphe Franconi a circus performer who specialized in working with horses and from the circus he ran. Living from 1801 to 1855 he succeeded his father as managing director of the Cirque-Olympique at the age of 26 where he had a fatal heart attack in 1855.

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Female performer, recueil sur exercices des Franconi au Cirque Olympique. Early 19th c. Image © BnF Gallica/Bibliothèque nationale de France. Fair use license. via
Henri Adolphe Franconi. Scottish. 1844. Watercolor. Jemima Blackburn, artist (1823-1909). Image © National Portrait Gallery, London. Fair use license. via
Franconi performing. No date. In the public domain due to age. via
Screenshot (726)
Laurent Franconi performs in Paris. Standing on one leg on the back of his black horse, he canters around the outdoor ring. ca. 1805. In the public domain due to age. via

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