People with wings on their heads and some with wings on their backs. Pre Raphaelite. Sir William Blake Richmond, English artist (1842-1921). Also taught art at the University of Oxford and created decorative mosaics for Saint Paul’s in London.

“Icarus.” 1887. In the public domain due to age. via
“Hermes,” illustration in the 1886 “Magazine of Art.” Image capture and formatting by George P. Landow. Collections of the University of Toronto Library and the Internet Archive. Artwork itself in the public domain due to age. via
Screenshot (878)
“Saint Joan of Arc.” No date. Pencil and pastel on buff paper. signed with the initials “WBR” on the reverse on the lower right. Image © CHRISTIE’S 2020. Fair use license. via
Screenshot (880)
“The Hun and the Crucifix.” No date. In the public domain due to age. via

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