Pet cats and their kittens by British artist Minnie Rosa Bebb. Living from 1857 to 1938, she was the daughter of the artist James Bebb. Studied art in Bath. Queen Victoria owned several of her paintings. Painted puppies, too.

Minnie-Rosa-Bebb-watercolour-cats-kittens-antique-3426_1_3426 (1)
“Kittens Playing.” No date. Watercolor. Signed. Image © 2020 Richard Gardner Antiques. Fair use license. via
Bebb, Minnie Rosa, 1857-1938; Supplementary Supper
“Supplementary Supper.” No date. Collections of and photo © Royal West of England Academy. Fair use license. via
“A Pair of Kittens Watching Wasps on a Bowl of Fruit.” 1899. Watercolor. Image ©2020 Artnet Worldwide Corporation. Fair use license. via

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