Paintings with so much going on a person could get lost and never get back out. Monumental academic art that mostly looks like Ancient Greece and Rome are supposed to have looked. Maybe it really did. Painted by Henryk Siemiradzki who was from Poland but painted in Rome and lived from 1843 to 1902.

“Dance amongst swords.” 1881. Oil on canvas. Collections of the Tretyakov Gallery. In the public domain due to age. via
Curtain design for the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Kraków. 1893-1894. Oil on canvas. Signed and dated “H Siemiradzki – Rzym. 93” on the lower right. Collections of the National Museum in Warsaw. In the public domain because the artist died over 100 years ago. via
“The Parnassus”, decorative curtain for the opera house in Lemberg [Lviv]. 1899-1900. Oil on canvas. After Henryk Siemiradzki. Image ©2020 Artnet Worldwide Corporation. Fair use license. via

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