Teddy bears to spruce up your life. Novelty silver.

Pepper castor in the form of a seated teddy bear. 1909. Edwardian. Made in Birmingham, England. Henry Charles Freeman, maker. Hallmarked. Image © Toovey’s 2017-2020.  Fair use license. via https://www.tooveys.com/lots/430155/an-edwardian-silver-novelty-pepper-castor-in-the-form-of-seated-teddy-bear
Buttonhook with a teddy bear handle. 1909. British. Made in Birmingham, England by Crisford and Norris Ltd. Maker’s marks: Hallmarked for Crisford and Norris Ltd. Image © 2020 Etsy, Inc. Fair use license. via https://www.etsy.com/il-en/listing/693834087/silver-button-hook-teddy-bear-sterling

Perfume bottle holder modeled as a teddy bear listening to his Walkman personal music player with earphones. The head comes off to house a small perfume bottle. 1997. British. Sterling silver. From Sheffield. Maker’s marks for Camelot Silverware Ltd. Image © 2020 Etsy, Inc. Fair use license. via https://www.etsy.com/hk-en/listing/688185680/perfume-bottle-holder-sterling-novelty

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