Coconuts mounted in silver to drink from that will add a bit of panache to your next dinner party. From that point in time when coconuts were new and exotic. Not thinking anyone would pair them with sterling silver nowadays.

Silver mounted coconut cup with a circular base resting on four turtles, with dolphins and shells. Stem shaped as a siren on a dolphin holding shells and the coconut shell body shaped as a fish. Spout cast as a monkey’s head and a finial shaped like Neptune. 1607. Dutch, made in Amsterdam. Silver and coconut shell. Frederiks Andries, silversmith. Maker’s marks: Maker’s mark of Frederiks Andries. Image © Koopman Rare Art, London. Fair use license. via
Silver mounted coconut cup and cover. Oval shaped coconut bowl with strap mounts engraved with foliage and geometric motifs, the coconut carved with four portraits depicting Emperor Peter I, Empress Elizaveta Petrovna, Grand Duchess Anna Leopoldovna and Duke Anthony Ulrich of Brunswick. The cover being similarly decorated and surmounted by a pine cone finial. Domed spreading circular foot engraved in Russian with the inscription “Wine gladdens man’s heart“. Gilt interior. 1799. Made in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Silver, coconut and gilding. Maker’s marks: marked on the foot. Image © CHRISTIE’S 2020, Fair use license. via

Plain coconut bowl with three silver straps supporting the rim with a band of engraved foliage. Plain domed foot with a baluster stem. Engraved with the initial “H” over “GM.” Probably 17th c. Not marked. Image © CHRISTIE’S 2020. Fair use license. via

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