Egypt in a golden light from just a bit back painted by Swiss artist Johann Jakob Frey. Living from 1813 to 1865, Frey studied and painted in Italy. In 1842 he participated in the expedition of Karl Richard Lepsius to Egypt, Nubia and a part of Sudan and brought back many sketches that he created paintings from. These are some of them.

“An Oasis on the Banks of the Nile.” 1845. Swiss. Oil on canvas. Signed and dated “J. J. Frey 1845.” Inscribed on the reverse “proprietà del Sig. Ludovici Schweitzer.” Inscribed on a label “LWS, W. g. J. J. Frey.” Image © 2020 Dorotheum GmbH & Co KG. Fair use license. via
“A Caravan Surprised by the Samoom in front of the Sphinx.” 1849. Oil on canvas. In the public domain due to age. via
“Caravan caught in the Simum Wind in front of the Pyramids.” 1850. In the public domain due to age. via
The island of Philae in Upper Egypt and the expedition ship of Lepsius.” ca 1848. Unsigned. Image © 2020 AnticStore. Fair use license. via 

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