Portraits of the park of Gatchina Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia. Painted by Johann Jakob Mettenleiter who was born in Baden-Württemberg (Germany) in 1750 and died at Gatchina in 1825.

“The Menagerie in the Gatchina Palace Park.” 1792. Image source Photo: Wikipedia / Shakko. Cc0 License 4.0. via https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Zoo_in_Gatchina_by_J.J.Mettenleiter(1792,_Gatchina)_by_shakko_FRAME.jpg
“Palace Park as Seen from the Gatchina Palace/” 1790s; In the public domain in the United States due to age. via https://www.meisterdrucke.uk/fine-art-prints/Johann-Jakob-Mettenleiter/776485/Palace-Park-as-Seen-from-the-Gatchina-Palace,-1790s.–.html

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