Feather fans from Fans d’Evantail, Paris. Making me want to sneeze already.

Ostrich feather dance card fan with pierced tortoiseshell sticks and guards and a gold mounted ivory dance card concealed in the master guard. ca 1900. Ostrich feathers with tortoiseshell and gold mounted ivory dance card. Part of the exhibition “Eventail en Plumes, un vent de folie” held in 2016 at the Charles VII Museum. Image © Fan d’éventails. Fair use license. via https://www.fandeventails.fr/en/feather-fans/2904-let-s-dance-dance-card-fan-circa-1900.html
Peacock feather fan with tortoiseshell sticks. The leaf being a marquetry of peacock feathers. Early 20th c. Peacock feathers and tortoiseshell. Image © Fan d’éventails. Fair use license. via https://www.fandeventails.fr/en/feather-fans/2894-peacock-early-20th-century-fan.html

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