Paintings of Salerno which is near Naples in Italy. Various dates but mostly from the time when every aspiring artist lived in Rome at least for a little while, generally with lots of what we would call studio shares so they could afford it.

“Bay of Salerno.” 1858. German. Albert Bierstadt, artist (1830-1902). Image © In the public domain due to age. via–a1488-b175692/albert-bierstadt-beach-landscapes-posters.htm
“A View of the Bay of Salerno from Behind.” 19th c. German. Oil on canvas. August Riedel, artist (1799-1883). Image © 2002 Matthiesen Fine Art Ltd. Fair use license. via
“Bay of Salerno or Southern Landscape.” 1881. French. Oil on canvas. Pierre-Auguste Renoir, artist (1841-1919). Collections of the Musée d’art moderne André Malraux, le Havre. Image . © MuMa Le Havre / Florian Kleinefenn. Fair use license. via
“Ruins of Paestum near Salerno: The Three Temples.” 1782. British. Watercolor, pencil and pen and ink on paper. John Robert Cozens (1752–1799), artist. Collections of the Gallery Oldham. Cc0 license CC BY-NC-ND. via

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