Light your home the Art Nouveau way.. Chandeliers by French architect and designer Hector Guimard who lived from 1867 to 1942. He designed the first Art Nouveau apartment building in Paris. Love the curtain effect with these.

Boudoir chandelier with a body made of gilt bronze crafted into a curved, semi-ovular frame with glass and bronze tubes hanging from the edges, creating an ephemeral curtain around the lighting inside. An opaque blue glass plaque hangs from the frame as well, marking a delineation between two sides of this oblong chandelier. From Guimard’s “Lustre Lumière” collection. ca. 1914. French. Image ©, Inc. 2020. Fair use license. via
Chandelier with three hanging elements. Colored molded glass and gilt bronze. ca. 1905. French. Guimard. Image © 2010 – 2019 French Cab, Jean-Noël Cabanettes – Fair use license. via
Four-light chandelier, having gilt-metal supports formed as scrolling tendrils, supporting a serpentine surround with a curtain formed by long slender pendant metal and glass rods that are centered on both sides by black glass panels within a whiplash frame. Has four black glass teardrops with pendant gilt-metal rods. Art Nouveau. French. Marked after Hector Guimard. Image © 2002-2020 LiveAuctioneers and Austin Auction Galleries. Fair use license. via

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